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Small Introduction

We, Shinsung Control-SSC, are one of Korea’s oldest leaders in road safety and temporary construction products manufacturing. A family owned and run company founded in 1976, our company has grown to be one of the largest manufactures of guardrails, noise barriers and system scaffolding in South Korea. We offer superior steel processing services with our 44+ years of steel industry experience and a 165,000 sq ft facility with a processing capacity of over 60,000 tons a year. Our R&D team has innovated over 60 patented designs and continues to enhance safety for roads all over the world.

Strong client relationships and diversification into new markets has allowed SSC to expand beyond the Korean peninsula and export our products to countries to over a dozen countries. We at SSC, pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our partners. Whether they be our end users, distributors or suppliers, we value each and every relationship and strive to promote integrity in all aspects of our business.