Ring lock modular system scaffolding
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Fine Dust Prevention

The effect of preventing the scattering of fine dust generated in the remodeling field in the city is excellent.

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Noise Prevention

Effectively prevents noise from the field.

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Excellent With Anti-Corrosion & Durability

Easy to install floor by specially designed floor

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Easy to Install

It is very easy to install and is being widely used in various fields.

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Clean Appearance

It is possible to enhance the image of the construction company because the exterior aesthetic is clean.

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Fall Prevention

It is possible to protect the safety of pedestrians and construction workers without installing a fall prevention network separately.

panel standard inconer
Type Size
Standard 1817 x 950
1512 x 950
1207 x 950
902 x 950
598 x 950
Type Size
Inconer 1710 x 950
1405 x 950
1100 x 950
795 x 950
Outside corner cover

Safety Certification

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Sound Insulation Report

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