Custom solutions for steel structure supports and mounts -Solarscapes, shade structures and carports


Smart Post
L 700 1,100 1,500 2,000
Ø 42.7 42.7 42.7 42.7

Characteristics of Smart Post

Category Steel pipe Smart Post
Strengths 1. Most workers are familiar with this product.

2. It is very convenient because normal steel pipes are cut and used.
1. This product has standardized specifications as per a construction site°Øs conditions.

2. Its constructability is 1.7-times faster than that of a steel pipe under normal compaction conditions.

3. It is very durable and can be reused. In addition, it has high support strength and hence can be firmly fixed.

4. It is easy to install on the normal ground.
Weaknesses 1. Once it is used as a support pipe, it cannot be reused.

2. If a construction site°Øs soils are firm, a corresponding installation time will be lengthened.
1. Additional costs are incurred for separate materials other than steel pipes.

2. This product is unfamiliar to most workers.

(Test Results) Drilling Capacity in Generally-compacted Soil


A. Smart Post 1.5m-drilling


B. Short-tube pipe 2m-drilling


C. Drilling results

Drilling depth Time mm/sec Drilling depth Time mm/sec
800mm 27sec 29.6 800mm 46sec 17.4
600mm 17sec 35.3 400mm 21sec 19.0
Smart Post average 32.5 Steel pipe average 18.2